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11 villagers of Hado-ri and Jongdal-ri were hiding in Darangshi Cave and were found in 1948. The army found this cave and urged villagers to come out. Since they did not come out of the cave, the army set fire at the entrance of the cave and blew smoke inside. People died from suffocation. In 1992, all 11 dead bodies were found undisturbed and it triggered a truth-finding campaign for the April 3rd Uprising and Massacre.

Source: Memorial Committee for the 70th anniversary of the Jeju April 3rd Uprising and Massacre <Explore the Historical Sites of the April 3rd Uprising and Massacre>

Site Info

  • Area East Side
  • Latitude 33.469975
  • Longitude 126.831823
  • Address 2608-6 Sewha-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si
  • Directions 300m east of Darangshi village sign

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