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Oriental Development Company Jeju Distillery was established in 1934 by Japan and it was an important industrial facility before and after the liberation. The warehouse of the distillery was used as a detention center during the April 3rd Uprising and Massacre. In the spring of 1949, people who defected as part of an open arms program were detained in this warehouse, and many of those people died due to the severe conditions and torture.

Source: Memorial Committee for the 70th anniversary of the Jeju April 3rd Uprising and Massacre <Explore the Historical Sites of the April 3rd Uprising and Massacre>

Site Info

  • Area Jeju-si
  • Latitude 33.51911
  • Longitude 126.5345
  • Address Imhang-ro Geonip-dong
  • Directions Gas station opposite to the Jeju Ferry Passenger Terminal

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